December 15, 2013


Due to an exciting new job opportunity, I found myself having to relocate from Santa Barbara, California to Salem, Oregon within just two weeks.


A minimalist, the packing part wasn't so difficult.  I am, however, extremely particular about my surroundings from every angle.  An opera singer and single woman to whom aesthetics play a huge role, I have requirements relating to allergies, cleanliness, safety, location, loveliness and more.


Laura Gwyn took charge of absolutely everything on my behalf.  She went very far beyond the call in providing me with options based on my highly specific needs, providing on-site photos, very clear, detailed descriptions, and information on surrounding areas that I hadn't even considered. 


She went to great lengths to learn as much as she could about me in a very short time so that she could be spot-on in her recommendations.  And spot-on, she was.  Further, she met me upon my arrival, weary as I was, and accompanied me through the entire process of my move-in, including utility and cable hook-ups, lease reviewing and more. 

In short, Laura Gwyn did everything to insure that my arrival, check in and move in went seamlessly.  She helped insure my complete satisfaction in the place I chose.  She left no stone unturned and helped make what would have been a chaotic and stressful time for me, one of tremendous ease and security.  Happy as happy can be in my perfect home, I have Laura Gwyn to thank for it ALL...

Very Sincerely,

Carol Ann Manzi, Soprano

MM. Yale School of Music

Artist-in-Residence, Salem Catholic Schools Foundation

Laura Gwyn PC
Laura Gwyn PC
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